On-Demand Webinar

State of SaaS Security in the Healthcare Industry

The growing risk of cyber-attacks in the healthcare industry requires agile MSPs to manage and secure cloud IT.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how the number of reported breaches has gone up, yet the security posture of cloud IT for healthcare organizations can be dangerously vulnerable.

For MSPs working with healthcare organizations, there are 3 key areas where you can help to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack:
1) file-sharing
2) user authentication (MFA)
3) cloud services configuration

Register for Augmentt's 30-minute, value-packed webinar and walk away as an expert in SaaS security in the healthcare industry.


Ali Mahmoud,

VP of Product & Partner Success
Augmentt Technology

Stephan Tomecko,

Partner Manager
Augmentt Technology