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SaaS Discovery for Security & Regulatory Compliance

"You can’t manage what you can’t measure". In an environment where any employee can sign-up and immediately use a SaaS product, it is crucial for organizations to be able to identify, audit and monitor the full SaaS Applications mix used in their environment to help mitigate any security and compliance risks.

In this webinar, Augmentt's Co-Founder and CEO, Derik Belair will cover:

  • Today’s SME security landscape
  • SaaS usage stats within SME
  • Today’s regulatory compliance requirements
  • SaaS vendor management
  • Information Security
  • Data privacy
  • Incident response
  • Acceptable use
  • The process of creating and testing internal controls
  • Interview with a Chief Information Security Officer
  • What is Augmentt Discover

About the Speaker

Derik Belair, Co-Founder & CEO, Augmentt

Derik leads the vision, strategy and growth of Augmentt. Prior to founding Augmentt, Derik was the Vice President at SolarWinds, leading the digital marketing strategy for SolarWinds’ Cloud division. Derik has been working in the channel for over 20 years, starting his career as a channel sales rep at Corel Corp. and eventually becoming the first employee at N-able Technologies in April of 2000.

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