On-Demand Webinar | 57 mins

Learn how easy it is to deliver a security audit to drive new business

Modern security requires an evolving mindset that must now include cloud computing and business applications. Modern MSPs must incorporate new tools to monitor, secure and manage, the “new normal.”

At Augmentt, we’ve spent the last year researching and working with industry leaders on how cybersecurity is evolving for MSPs & MSSPs.

Join our Co-founder and Chairman, Gavin Garbutt as he shares how easy it is with the right tools to:

1: Create strong client security threat awareness that will drive new security services

2: How to standardize and simplify your posture management and security policies

3: Monthly reporting that will show all the security threats blocked and all actions taken to protect your clients.


Gavin Garbutt,

Co-founder & Chairman,

Augmentt Technology

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